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Pete StoughtonWith extensive experience in the financial services industry, Pete Stoughton brings superior business, product strategy and development skills to Optria’s clients. As its Chief Technology Officer, Stoughton is responsible for the technical strategy, architecture and development of Optria’s solutions.

Stoughton began his career at Fiserv CBS (now Fiserv Signature) where he managed the development of its front end and middleware solutions, including Teller, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Campaign Management, Originations and Communications products. It was during his R&D work on these key Fiserv solutions that it became apparent there was a huge gap in what the core system providers and ancillary product vendors could provide to help banks and credit unions enhance their statements, notices and other correspondence to more advanced levels of sophistication and functionality. Struck by the quintessential entrepreneurial spirit to meet the needs of these institutions who were clamoring for new and improved communications with their customers and members, Stoughton and Optria’s co-founder Terry Vannoy set forth on a mission to fill the gap, founding Optria in 2005.

Today, Stoughton is the guiding force behind the growth of Optria’s solutions, which now encompass a full suite of customer communications management software applications for banks and credit unions nationwide. He is also instrumental in other key areas of Optria’s burgeoning business, yet remains dedicated to serving Optria’s clients and continuing to meet their changing technology needs.

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