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Is your bank or credit union tired of the bland, generic correspondence produced from your core banking system? Do you want to produce and deliver the high-quality, consolidated printed correspondence that today's sophisticated customers demand? Then you need Optria Communiqué.

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This robust, fully-integrated system will enable your institution to deliver eye-catching, personalized correspondence that includes colorful images, photos, graphics, charts and more—all easily managed by your staff. Beyond great looking statements, Optria Communiqué eliminates costly, generally unread inserts and mailers, driving tremendous bottom line cost savings to your institution.

From statements and notices, to targeted customized marketing campaigns, Optria Communiqué will enable your bank or credit union to personalize communications to an individual customer, a group of customers or all customers, easily conveying information that is valuable and relevant to the recipient. Optria Communiqué generates attractive printed communications that will solidify and expand relationships with your customers, while helping you compete at entirely new levels with brokerage houses and investment firms. Your organization will have advanced technology that will enable it to create aggregated, information-rich documents that typically only the largest financial organizations can provide, delivering a powerful competitive edge.

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Optria: The Power Behind Great Customer Communications

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